The Althouse Lookoff is an easy 10 minute walk (one-way) with rewarding scenic views, and the chance of seeing whales right from shore. You can also continue further past the lookoff for the perfect picnic spot.

The Acacia Valley trail leads along a fishing brooks through the forest to a nice little waterfall. It is about 1.5 kilometers long, with some nice viewing platform and picnic benches along the way.

Point Prim lighthouse is located about 8.5 kilometers outside of Digby, making it a great bicycle ride.

The lighthouse is nice, but it really is the view that is simply stunning. Overlooking the Bay of Fundy right at the entrance to the "Digby Gut", the currents are an awesome sight. It is also a spot where seals, porpoises and whales are regularly sighted right from shore. Just sit on the rocks, bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the view!

Seal cove on Brier Island is a particularly nice hike out to, yes, a seal colony. It's not a very long walk, but do take some time to enjoy watching the seals. Of course you are overlooking the Bay of Fundy, increasing your chances of seeing whales as well.

Freeport, at the far tip of Long Island, offers several hiking trails, all with beautiful views over the Bay of Fundy. You can simply hike the short distance to the viewing platform, or continue on to ocean side along the Bay of Fundy, including a hike out to Beautiful Cove.

The Delaps Cove Wilderness Trail offers waterfalls, Bay of Fundy views and plenty of wildlife. Squirrels, seals and porpoises can be seen from this trail regularly. Whales have also been sighted. Take about an hour for this hike, this will give you time to take some pictures, enjoy the views and breath in the briny salt air from the windswept coastline.

You will find the Balancing Rock along the cliff side at the end of a beautiful trail that leads across woodlands and bogs with some unique flora and fauna. This trail is located just outside Tiverton on Long Island, about a 45 minute drive from Digby.

This trail is suitable for both hiking and cycling and starts right in Digby and follows along the water into Smith's Cove. You can get onto the path at the south end of Queen Street, simply turn right onto the old railroad tracks and enjoy! Depending on how far you wish to go, you can get as far as the Bear River lighthouse (11 km one-way), or stop and relax at one of the beaches along the way. There are some beautiful views of Digby and the Digby Gut along the way as well.