Digby offers great opportunities for both sea kayaking and wilderness canoeing. When planning your kayaking trip, make sure to check the tides first though: dragging your kayak across the ocean floor in order to get back is not the best experience!

Depending on your experience and what you are looking for there are several options:

Dockside Kayaking is located right on Digby's waterfront boardwalk and offers great half-day or full-day kayak rentals for both experienced and inexperienced kayakers. Visit the salmon cages, kayak out to Bear Island, or take a full day and kayak from Digby to Bear River (report by Jonathan Riley). Tell me that doesn't sound like an amazing day!

Hinterland Adventures located in Weymouth. Hinterland Adventures offers some of the most experienced kayaking guides in Nova Scotia, specializing in kayaking tours of Saint Mary's Bay and the tidal Sissiboo River. They also offer multi-day wilderness canoeing adventures in the Tobeatic Wilderness area.