Bay of Fundy whale watchingDigby Neck and Islands are one of the best places in North America for whale watching. The massive amount of untapped energy of the Bay of Fundy is the fuel for a fragile ecosystem that provides a nutritious food supply to numerous species of birds, fish, bottom-dwellers like lobsters and scallops, and of course whales. By late springtime Finback Whales, Minke Whales and Harbour Porpoises are the first to arrive from their southern migration grounds. In June, the Humpback Whales return and by late June these whales are abundant in the Bay of Fundy. White-sided dolphins are also often seen. Other whales that consider the Bay of Fundy their home are the endangered North Atlantic Right Whale, Pilot whales, Sperm and Blue Whales. White Beaked Dolphins, Bluefin Tuna, Sea Turtles and Basking Sharks Bay of Fundy whale watchhave also been sighted.

Some of the many bird species at the Bay of Fundy include the Atlantic Puffin, piping plover, several varieties of gannets, and many more.

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Which whale watching tour to choose

All the whale watching companies in the area are good, it is a matter of preference as to location and type of vessel.

Petit Passage Whale Watch is a great option for those without car, or for those that are planning to continue their travels to elsewhere after (as this is the only whale watch situated BEFORE the ferries), or those with bad backs. The whale watching boat is a converted lobster boat, meaning comfortable seats, washrooms, and you are a bit higher off the water.

Bay of Fundy whale watchingOcean Explorations offers the thrill of a zodiac ride, meaning a much faster trip to get to the whales and you are closer to the water, but less comfortable and no bathroom on board (although there is a curtain for emergency situations!). This is a great option for thrill seekers, those without car, or those who are planning to continue on to the Balancing Rock trail or Brier Island after. Tom, the owner, has a long history and expert knowledge on the different whales.

Mariner Cruises is a great option for those who are planning to visit and/or stay on Brier Island. All tours are narrated by local naturalists, who are well versed in the dozens of marine mammals and bird species that visit this important ecological region.

Brier Island Whale and Seabird Cruises is another option. They offer both zodiac as well as lobster-style boat. Brier Island whale watch is involved with research, with regularly biologists on board for research purposes.

How to get here:

1. By car. If you have a car: you can make Digby Neck and Islands a great day trip by combining a whale watching trip with some great hiking opportunities. Hiking Mount Shubel or the Balancing Rock trail are some of the popular options.

2. Without car: ask us to help you get a ride, as we often have other guests that are kind enough to give you a ride. Kathleen's Shuttle offers shuttle service this way as well (book ahead!), or you might be able to rent a car for the day from Enterprise rental car located right in Digby (call  902-245-5936  for the Digby office).